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JSG is finally back, with a new video that features the same high quality
(video quality AND smoking quality) as in their past releases!
There are three parts to this vid – first we meet Theresa, a cute blonde teen who has a great natural snap and nose exhale after her deep drags (some are doubles or triples, too). We watch her smoke from a variety of angles, all of which show off her fabulous smoking abilities; for most of the video she’s in street clothes, but she also smokes several cigarettes in nightgown and stockings as well. There are also some nice segments where she’s interviewed in depth about her smoking.
Next, Carla and her friend Sally are featured together as they smoke four cigarettes, chat, and talk about their smoking; and then Carla takes center stage. She’s a brown-haired teen whose smoking style belies her age; deep inhales, with thick mouth and nose exhales are the norm, with a slight natural snap too.
It’s been a long wait for new material from JSG, but this one was worth it!
1 hour, 7 minutes – no sex or nudity – brown-filtered cigarettes.

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