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Julia: Student Starting To Get Addicted


Hi, I’m Julia and I’m 21 years old. I come from a little country town in Spain and now I live in Barcelona, sharing a flat with other students. This year I started to study in the University, in the Faculty of Law. I also started to smoke this year. I never tried before, nobody smokes on my family. But this city is crazy and everybody smokes everywhere, I tried some cigarettes being together with my flat partners, but it was one night, being alone in the darkness of my bedroom I found myself with a cigarette on my fingers and I started to experience the perfect fussion between the smoke and my body. Everybody was sleeping there and I got a pack of cigarettes and I was chain smoking 8 or 10 cigarettes during one hour. Since then I’m always wanting to feel that pleasure. During my last exams I was chain smoking during a week! Lately I’m feeling a grooving addiction and every hour I miss the warm pleasure that a cigarette delivers to my body.

This is my first video here, I feel sorry because I’m shy to talk in english, so I writte my story here better. I start this video lighting one of my cigarettes in the darkness of my bedroom, remembering that moment. Last weeks I smoke when I wake up too, and I’ll tell you why. In my dreams I’m always having a cigarette on my fingers, and I can even feel the smoke spinning in my lungs when I dream anything. Is just when I wake up when I have the freedom of feel for real the pleasure that my body is craving all night long when I dream: a real cloud of smoke kissing my body slowly inside. I love to play with my cigarettes, the smell of the smoke and to do some snaps and french inhales like expert smokers do. But I don’t have that glamorous style, I just love to smoke. I also love to destroy my cigarettes in the ashtray.

On the second half of the video I chain smoke my first cigarette with 2 fresh ones, smoking two cigarettes at once. Multiples cigarettes is the best way to calm down this obsession. I hope that you understand what I feel when I’m smoking. Julia.

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