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Kara Carter chain-smoking corks in your car after you collect her for your date WomenWhoSmoke


I’d like to order a series of videos of Kara Carter. This is the second video to the series. For the second video, i would be picking you up after our first meeting, dolled up, in the car, let’s go to a quiet place. This video, you call me out of my smoking fetish, and explain how it makes you feel sexy. You love turning on guys just from smoking. You then ask what my favourite smoking trick is, you then run through them, is it a dangle, snap inhale…oh I know what it is…. french inhale. Mmm yes that’s what gets your toes curling. Are you getting excited watching me smoke, what would you do to me at your place…mmm that sounds nice, I could smoke for you for that.
Along these lines, explaining what you love about the fetish showing off your sexy smoking style. You can even tease me more by running the cigarette in hand up your leg, showing off some heels, cupping your breasts.
It’s mainly showing off your smoking style in this one. So open v inhales, curved finger inhales. ( I can send pics of what I mean) It’s hard to explain it in words. Thanks (Custom Video)

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