Karina Everyday Heavy Smoker


Karina (24 years old) is a sympathetic young woman from Spain who obviously likes to smoke more than a lot in her everyday life. In this video (26 minutes runtime), she gives her solo debut for smokingsweeties and instantly straightens out that she is one of those models whose smoking complements nicely to her winsome allurement. Watch her smoking and smiling, just let yourself get teased by this companiable lady. There are three scenes where she demonstrates why a beautiful young woman should smoke and, of course, how to do it properly!

Scene 1: Karina smokes two cigs here (chain light-up included) while slouching on a chair in front of the desk. Her (single and multiple) drags as well as her chest-heaving inhales are intense and the smoke clouds she produces smilingly are huge and she always has some smoke kept in her trained lungs to blow some nice smoke rings.
Scene 2: Karina has changed her outfit and now powers effortlessly through three cigarettes in less than eleven minutes. The way she handles this smoky challenge is again impressive as she just keeps on smoking at pace, pumping huge loads of smoke through her body while smiling all the time because she knows that her way of heavy smoking is just her usual style.
Scene 3: Two last cigarettes for Karina and another outfit change. The smoke is drifting in front of the camera lens and Karina is still perfectly at ease with this recording session. Watch again how she really needs to utilize every shred of tobacco in order to keep and increase her level of enjoyment: The more she smokes, the more she likes it, simple as that.
This video is a great offer for all those who are looking for a beautiful heavy smoker that may impress you with heavy smoking skills and naturalness together. You can be sure that Karina is just herself here, no pretending, no frantic attempts, she is simply a pleasant woman who knows how to smoke seriously and whose personality never allows her to make use of any kinds of dissemblance.

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