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Katy Smoking Interview


Katy Moore is a smoking flight attendant and part-time model we interview in at her home in London. She started to smoke at 16 on a vacation trip in France. Kate is now 28 and smokes from 20 to 30 cigarettes a day. “I love to feel the smoke burning inside me”, she blows in a talking exhale.

On this video Kate devours her Medium and Lights with hard cheek hollowing drags followed by snaps. Her exhales are either nose mouth combinations or cones exhales. No tricks here, just pure smoking satisfaction! Talking about her addiction, she confides us that she takes care of filling her body with nicotine before going to sleep. Also, first thing she does when she wakes up is lighting a cigarette. “I like the taste that the smoke lets in my mouth” she says with her broken raspy smoker’s voice.

Katy is a hungry dragger! She chains 8 Lights and Medium in this video, most of them lit with the previous dying cigarette, the essence of chainsmoking!

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