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Kellys Back In Town VisualSmoke


This video was originally shot as a custom project; the request was for lots of lightups with Virginia Slims 120s. And so a large part of this production consists of dangle light ups, from all different angles; after which Kelly smokes the cigarette down about one-quarter of the way and then lights up again. There are right-at-you shots, 3/4 profile shots, and full profile shots. There are some great double drags with strong nostril exhales while taking the second inhale; there are mouth and nose exhales – and of course, lots of terrific open-mouth Inhales and some snaps. Kelly also uses many different types of matches are used, from paper to fireplace. There are also ciigar scenes in this title, with Black and Milds, a Swisher Sweet, and a large cigar. Of course, the cigars are inhaled, with nice cigar open-mouth inhales. This video has great natural sound.

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