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Kitty Learns How to Smoke Cigarettes! Learning to Inhale Kitty Starts Smoking SmokingFetishStudio


Kitty had NEVER smoked cigarettes before. In fact she was SO anti-smoking that she’s attempted to encourage friends and family to quit. Now 20, Kitty contacted me regarding a smoking shoot. She wanted to try cigarettes for the first time in her life. During the shoot Kitty smokes three cigarettes – two B&H Silver and a stronger Menthol cigarette.

There’s plenty of dialogue in the latter two scenes as I press Kitty to reveal her new sentiments about cigarettes. I ask Kitty, “So what was it like when you smoked your first cigarette?” to which Kitty replies “it burnt”. I press her, “did you like the feeling?” to which Kitty responds that when the smoke hit her lungs it made her feel like she wanted to cough but, also, that it made her look “badass”. After a few cigarettes I then asked Kitty if she now likes the feeling of the smoke in her body when she breathed it in. She replied “yeah” and added that she also liked the sensation and image of exhaling the smoke – “and then just seeing all the smoke come out is kinda cool”.

Kitty swiftly develops a confident smoking style. In fact I mention that she looks natural! She claims that she’s “literally a virgin to smoking” but she’s certainly a quick learner. Indeed she actually says, “maybe I’m a natural”.

The final scene features Kitty smoking a menthol cigarette which is stronger than the B&H Silvers that she’s sampled before. Subsequently the cigarette overwhelms her and she feels a little nauseous. However, she enjoys the cool mint feeling of the smoke and she says they’re better because they have “…a kind of a tinge to them”. Kitty coughs a little in this scene but conversely enjoys the sensation of the smoke in her lungs, “particularly in this cold weather” she claims.

When I ask her if she feels smoking is sexy, she responds, “it’s sexy, rebellious and I can tell why people do it”. Kitty has now started a new habit that she’s probably never going to stop! She’s enjoying her cigarettes immensely and intends to smoke occasionally in social situations. How long do you think it will be until she’s smoking EVERY day?

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