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Kris Solo Coherent Light Photography


This footage was never released as a full video for wide release by CoherentLight; we believe it is being seen here publicly for the first time. Teenaged Kris is one of the two models who were featured in one of CoLights very first releases, ‘Smoky Kisses’ – this is all the solo footage shot with Kris. It’s pure CoherentLight glamour, with deep, full inhales on Marlboro 100s, snap and french inhales, mouth and nose exhales, gowns and gloves, leather and lace, plus a few holder scenes (including the infamous CoLight phallic holder). There is some natural sound and some of the footage is silent, and the video quality shows that this title was copied from a videotape – but Kris is one of the prettiest models CoherentLight ever shot, and an outstanding smoker who we’re pleased to present to most of you for the first time ever.

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