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Krystal Swift: Big Breasted Smoker


Busty Czech model Krystal Swift shows off her full-figure and smoking prowess in this breathtaking clip.

The 22 years old Krystal, who smokes 20-30 cigarettes each day, has been smoking for eight years against her parents wishes! Although she only smokes light cigarettes in this video, she really milks them for all they’re worth – with enormous drags and deep inhales, heaving the smoke deep into her awaiting lungs.

Krystal Swift smokes 8 cigarettes in this video, including two while she is naked in the shower, all the time filling her curvaceous young body with nicotine as Krystal gets hot and wet. Then, watch as she lies on the bed, blowing thick creamy smoke all over and around her huge tits, just imagine how soft and smokey they must be! For fans of big breasted smokers this film is a must!

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