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Kylie: Burning Inhales


Kylie started to smoke 13 years ago with her sister that taught her the basics. Now Kylie is really “in love” with her cigarettes that burn her beautiful body each day.

This girl savors each drag of her cigarette. She loves everything about smoking: “I love the smell of the tobacco, it arouses me a lot. You can smell it, you can play with it. With a cigarette you’re never alone. Look at the smoke, it’s beautiful, looks like a ballet dancer”, she says with nice talking exhales. “I love to have my lungs full of smoke. Actually, I also love the sound of the crackling tobacco, it burns trough you, and it’s so good, it’s a perfect burn. For me, smoking is like a love story, it never ends”, she adds, taking deep long drags on her cigarette…

Kylie displays a very complete style! After a superb cheek hollowing drag, sometimes power smoking, she naturally alternates with open mouth inhales, snaps or French inhales. And to release, beautiful “fountain” drifting, nostril exhales, nose mouth combinations, and perfect rings complete her repertoire. Also, a “by the side” lighting and clear sound enhances the model body and sweet voice.

We let you discover her “worst craving” story. Kylie shows us a very rich natural style. Go for this clip if you like joyful satisfied talented smoker!

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