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Lucy Chain Smoking Model


Lucy is a 29 years-old spanish model. Started smoking at 14, she’s gonna talk on this video why she is still fully in love with her lights.

Scene 1, This model smokes two cigarettes in a raw, taking long slow sensual drags, with some snaps and french inhales. “For me cigarettes are a very sexy element”, she knows the sexual power of the cigarette and she loves how it makes her body feel. She drags with passion on her cigarettes and it makes her smile with satisfaction as she can feel the smoke in her lungs as she teases with the camera. She says she “kisses her cigarette”. In this section you can also see lots of talking and residual exhales, both from nose and mouth.

Scene 2, She smokes three more cigarettes lighting them with both lighter and matches. She dangles her cigarette most of the time, as she paints her nails, taking repeated hard drags, and the smoke is everywhere around her! She exhales over her fingers to dry her painted nails. The filter is all yellow and stained with her pink lipstick. She doesn’t ash her cigs most of the time, and at some points the ashes fall over her body. Lucy is also talking most of the time, telling us when she started smoking with her friends at 14, her mother saw her, but she knew she couldn’t do anything to stop her, so she let her smoke at home when she wanted, being able to smoke all the time being a teenager. “That’s why I became so addicted !”.

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