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Mackenzi Sexy Variety Smoking Scenes


Here is the adorable heavy smoking model Mackenzi in her sexy new smoking video have a great time with you as she smokes down her strong cigarettes. Mackenzi smokes 5 cigarettes in a variety of five smoking scenes, three Marlboro Reds and two Red 100s. She starts out having lots of fun talking to you and blowing her smoke in your face mentioning her lungs and the color a few times. She does two side view scenes, one with mostly nose exhales and combo exhales, the other scene with mostly mouth exhales with lots of nose residuals. She also enjoys showing off her soles and freshly painted red toes while smoking and talking to you again mentioning her lungs. The last scene she shows off her cute dance moves as she dances to some Sublime and CCR while smoking. All five scenes are captured from two angles. Awesome smoking show from this beautiful fun loving and cigarette loving babe Mackenzi !!!

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