Making You a Smoker Again Glam Worship


You are completely addicted to me; you cant get enough. You keep coming back for more and more. I know everything about you, what you love, what you hate. However, I reckon I can change that. Just because its me, you will start to slowly fall victim to anything I want you to. Get on your knees where you belong slave! Understand that everything I say goes. Its about time I do what you absolutely despise. You hate smoking. You are like those guys who hate being called a loser. Guess what, I dont give a fuck if you dont like it. I know you quit 4 years ago too. Now you cant stand it. Guess what, I am going to blow every little bit of this smoke right into your loser face. Take it! Dont look away. I can change you into anything I want, why? Because you have no fucking choice. Now open that mouth so I can ash in your mouth. Thats it, swallow it down bitch! Dont leave! You cant leave. Stay here, nice and close to me. Aw, are you getting dizzy? It has been a long time hasnt it! You are pathetic. Nice and close breathe it in. Now swallow the cigarette butt! – Lucy

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