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May: It Started With A Kiss


The first time that May kissed a boy, he was smoking at that moment. May was 13 years old. Wrapped in passionated teenage kisses, she stole the second hand smoke from her pretender’s throat through her first kiss, inhaling it straight into her smoking virgin lungs, as she attests along the interview on this video. She extremely loved it, and they both kept repeating the smokey kisses as long as their relationship lasted.

This happened in 1997. A few weeks later, May started to smoke on a daily basis. Nowadays, May smokes 100s in real life, reaching a pack and a half per day. During the interview, she confesses that her favourite cigarette is the first one of the morning, before getting out of bed.

May is a Spanish girl who lives in Barcelona’s periphery, where she works as receptionist. She is also working on her dream of becoming a professional choreographer, in fact she is a great dancer. For years, she has danced professionally in Ibiza.

This video is May’s debut at SmokingSweeties, her first experience as smoking model. The first 15 minutes of the video consists on a restful interview (Spanish with English subtitles) in which she explains some intimate details about her relationship with cigarettes, while chain smoking 4 of her preferred 100s.

Along the second part of the video, May smokes together with her good friend Victoria, who made her debut in the latest video “Smoking Ladies Night”.

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