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Mayze Chain Smoking Misty 120s


Here is a custom video with Mayze chain smoking two Misty 120s with a story line as follows. Mayze comes home from school and realizes her mom has to work late and wont be home anytime soon. Mayze grew up watching her mother smoke these long cigarettes and has always wanted to try smoking herself so she searches around for her mom’s extra pack of cigarettes. After she finds them she heads back to her room to see what it is like to smoke cigarettes for the first time. Since she has always been fascinated watching her mom smoke so Mayze already knows how to do snaps and omis. She kicks back and enjoys the first cigarette so much she lights up another one and smokes it down experiencing what it is like to smoke for the first time. Mayze talks to herself throughout the video about what she is thinking and feeling as she is smoking her moms cigarettes for the first time.

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