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Melody’s Nicotine Infusion


Incredible cute smoking girl Melody came back for an intense smoking session. This sexy redhead rips through 5 cigarettes in this video that was filmed in just one hour. Melody didn’t have much time but was able to burn through 3 Marlboro Reds, 1 Camel Filterless and 1 Virginia Slim 120. Melody smokes heavily, big long drags inhaled deeply from each cigarette. She starts out smoking one red then 10 minutes later in the next scene she chain smokes two reds, about 10 minutes after chaining the two reds, she powers a Non Filter Camel down with no problem and finishes up with a VS120. The nicotine is flowing heavy through this amazing smoker, she is small and she is hot and she loves the massive amounts thick strong smoke. She is one of the heaviest smokers filmed at USA Smokers!!!

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