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Mireya Speed Smoking 7 Cigarettes


The sexy Mireya comes hungry for smoking in this video, feeding herself with cigarettes!

Mireya chains her drags with the next one, flashing the cigarette as she fills her lungs again before exhaling, this is real powersmoking, superb authentic open mouth inhales. She proves us her passion for smoking.

She flash smokes 7 reds, which 3 cigarettes are chained in less than 8 minutes. This is true smoking performance! The smoking rhythm is perfect, one’s can’t smoke more efficiently with single cigarettes. The only thing that slows her smoke feeding process are these enormous exhales. She obviously takes pleasure to smash her cigarette in the ashtray and instantly lights another! Moreover, we filmed her from above the shoulder so you can see her massive breasts expansions!

Go for this video if you like flash smoking, nostril exhales, residual smoke and breast expansion! Let’s bet on something, this video will reach your top five without any doubt.

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