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Miriam Smoking Interview


The video features an interesting interview with Miriam, a lovely woman from southern Spain who is a regular smoker and makes her debut on SmokingSweeties. Her southern Spanish accent adds a special touch to the interview, which is subtitled in English. Through talking exhales, she shares how she grew up in a family of smokers and started smoking at a young age, a habit she never gave up.

Her usual smoking pace is astonishing nowadays: up to 2 packs per day, which, according to her, helps calm her anxiety. Her voice reveals her smoking condition. The sound of her smoking is clearly audible along the video.

During the interview, she is seen smoking five cigarettes, showcasing her particular smoking style with frequent nostril exhales, cheek-hollowing drags, open-mouth inhales, dangling the cigarette from her lips, and notably visible amounts of residual smoke after each of her thick exhales.

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