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Mistress Santa uses you as her human ashtray smoking a Cohiba Cigarillo WomenWhoSmoke


Mistress Rebecca Leah has a special treat for you today, she has made the effort to wear a sexy Santa outfit for you. You are late, as usual, so Rebecca decides to punish you. Mmm….just imagine that you are Rebecca’s cigar as she wraps her lips around you to light you up. Rebecca lights up a Cohiba cigarillo using matches and smokes like a pro’. Rebecca tells you what she plans to do with you as she shows off her smoking skills and perfect smoke rings. As you are late, Rebecca tells you that all you are good for is to be used as an ashtray. You would never get a woman like her in real life! Rebecca opens her legs as she tells you off, flashing her pussy as she isn’t wearing any panties. You open your mouth, as instructed and take a sexy blow back from Mistress. Reaching for her flogger, Rebecca bends over on the sofa to tease you with her perfect ass before telling you that she has other use’s for her flogger…and they are not that traditional uses!

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