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Monica Expert Smoker Taking Her Multiple Drags


Monica is sexy smoker who started to smoke one year ago, and now she can’t live without her cigarettes. She avidly smokes 7 100s on this video leaning on the bars of Barcelona, languorously taking deep multiple drags and performing ones of the deepest cheek hollowing drags ever seen here!

This pretty girl chains her red 100s with conviction, her cheeks caving in so deep that her lovely chin skin gets wrinkled. She is already a pro! lighting her fresh cigarette with the previous one! She performs her deep multi drags in public without exhaling, often double or triple dragging, along with a charming smile. A true pleasure to admire!

Her exhales are so little that you can guess she keeps volumes of smoke inside her lungs! Monica naturally performs snap inhales, even power smoking, often moistening her lips to get a better grip on the filter tip.

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