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Natalia: Flirting with Addiction. A Virgin Smoker Discusses Smoking Cigarettes SmokingFetishStudio


Natalia had NEVER smoked cigarettes until a few weeks ago. She was always anxious about trying smoking due to the propaganda about the health effects. But when she returned to Poland to visit family and friends for a few days she succumbed to the pressure of her friends and sampled a few cigarettes. On returning to London she had retained a packet of Polish cigarettes her friends had given her.

This clip is a documentary styled exploration into a virgin smoker. Sampling different cigarettes, Natalia and I discuss various aspects of smoking such as which brand is easiest to smoke and how the smoke feels as she breathes it into her lungs. She concludes that the slimmer more elegant cigarettes from Poland are preferable and doesnt enjoy the other cigarettes she tried.

As a new smoker Natalia doesnt inhale the smoke as deeply into her body as a more accomplished smoker would. Consequently I try and persuade her to inhale as much smoke as possible. She coughs a little but does succeed in sucking smoke into her lungs evident in the thick smoke that is exhaled from her body.

It is my hope that Natalia persists in learning how to smoke cigarettes and begins to enjoy them. Shes currently only smoking when shes socialising with friends but if/when she enjoys cigarettes more Im hopeful that she emerges as a regular smoker!

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