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New Smoker Anita From Vaping e-Cigarettes to Smoking Real Cigarettes An Interview Study SmokingFetishStudio


The past year has aroused my curiosity in vaping or smoking e-cigarettes. Its a relatively new phenomenon that has become increasingly popular here in the UK. Many ex-smokers attribute e-cigarettes to assisting them in permanently quitting smoking real cigarettes. I was curious therefore when I met Anita. Anita is 18 years old and is new to smoking. Unusually she started after sampling an e-cigarette.

This extended scene focusses primarily on an interview where I try and understand the myriad reasons for Anita beginning to smoke. She explains that she was initially inspired by a famous actress who looked cool smoking, but was reluctant to try real cigarettes. The alternative was an e-cigarette. Alone, Anita tried vaping for the first time, and of course she enjoyed it. This roused her curiosity about real cigarettes and she eventually asked her friend if she could try a one. This whole process happened around 6 weeks before filming. Initially vaping for around 3 4 weeks, Anita has been smoking real cigarettes for 2 3 weeks.

Although quite shy Anita seems to enjoy speaking to me on camera. Shes very honest and forthcoming with her responses. We speak about everything from her first cigarette, her parents view of her smoking, her parents themselves smoking, vaping, brands, addiction, possibility of addiction, the enjoyment of smoking etc. There are four scenes and two segments contain full on-topic dialogue. DICLAIMER: For those who enjoy heavy smoking girls Anita isnt one! With a little more practice she might become one. Her inhales are rather shallow and at the moment as shes just becoming used to cigarettes.

An afterthought: I personally have witnessed many young people who do not smoke cigarettes enjoying e-cigarettes. Im curious if the e-cigarette has a duel possibility? Firstly to assist addicted smokers to quit, and secondly to encourage non-smokers who vape to sample real cigarettes? I guess time will tell!

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