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No air challenge part 2 Sweet Maria


SweetMaria I have another custom request for you; it’s for an intense one, but I know you like to push yourself. The 2 minute challenge – remember that? The last time you attempted it, almost a year ago, you managed 2:15. In ‘No Air’ you talked about how it used to be hard for you, power smoking intently and without breaks for fresh air, but now it was easy, showing your evolution as a smoker. I’m curious how you’ve evolved in the last year – I think you can beat 2:15. Think you could manage maybe 90 seconds? I’ve done it and it’s quite a head rush. Some tips: you buzzed precious seconds flicking the ash – don’t bother, just let it fall naturally. Take bigger, harder, drags, the kind that make the end so long you can’t flick it. Take as many drags whilst exhaling the previous as you can. It might help to not smoke for a while before doing it so you’re really craving a smoke. When you finish, if you feel up to it, see if you can push on for 2 in less than 4 minutes. You also did 3 in 10 minutes but you smoked 2 at once; see if you can do 3 in 8, one after the other instead. As with my other requests, all nose exhales and hair tied back. To round out the clip I’d like to hear about how it felt pumping your body with so much smoke so quickly, etc. And while you talk don’t bother blowing the smoke out like you usually do; just talk the entire drag out as if you’re not even aware you have smoke in your lungs.

A custom clip. No names mentioned x

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