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Nuria: Interview With A Heavy Smoker


Nuria makes her debut for smokingsweeties in this 20 minutes long video. She started smoking at the age of 15 together with a friend and now at the age of 28, she enjoys every cigarette with intensive drags, deep inhales and voluminous exhales. Her smoking contributes perfectly to her cheerful disposition, there is no smoking without smiling and no smiling without smoking. Her style is slick which is no surprise as she smokes 30 to 40 cigarettes per day. She especially likes open mouth inhales and blowing rings. In this video, she smokes six cigarettes in 3 different scenes:

The first scene (two cigs) is an interview scene where she describes what smoking means for her, what she likes about it and that she cannot imagine to live without her strong addiction.
The second scene (two cigs) comes without talking. The way her mouth and fingers interact with the lit cigarette here is quite spectacular.
The last scene shows Nuria wearing a peachy dress while smoking another two cigarettes. This likeable young woman obviously likes to be surrounded by smoke. So if someone wants to deal with her, it is just mandatory to get into that smoky sphere she is maintaining around herself constantly!

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