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Power Smoker Jade Smoking 2 Marlboro Reds Interview with an Addict SmokingFetishStudio


Jade power smokes two Marlboro Reds! She claims to only smoke approximately 5 – 10 cigarettes per day but demolishes two strong cigarettes in just over 6 minutes, the first while being interviewed about her addiction. And indeed make no mistake Jade is INCREDIBLY addicted to cigarettes! She takes long drags and holds the smoke in her lungs for a long time, and although she’s smoking Reds on her bed inside a warm house, Jade sometimes doesn’t appear to produce much smoke in her exhale – the majority of the smoke absorbing into her lungs.

Jade started smoking when she was 14 and in the interview sequence she explains that peer pressure was behind her decision to start smoking cigarettes. I ask her, “why did you want to start smoking, do you remember”? to which she replies, “yeah cause everyone was doing it”. Now 20, Jade cannot stop smoking. The irony is that initially she hated smoking and indeed recounts how she “choked” on her very first cigarette. I press her a little more by asking, “so why did you continue to smoke”? “I got addicted” Jade tells us.

During the interview, I particularly enjoyed the way that Jade answers questions before exhaling the smoke. She speaks with her breasts bulging out of her revealing lingerie due to the volume of smoke in her lungs. After she completes her reply to my questions she relaxes and allows the smoke its freedom.

The second scene features Jade laying on her bed and facing the camera. The room fills with smoke as she makes eye contact with you, the viewer, and blows smoke over your face. Two awesome scenes!

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