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Rapid Smoker Georgina! 18yo Power Smoker:- 6 Cigarettes in 14 Minutes! SmokingFetishStudio


Georgina returns for another instalment of power smoking in this extended clip that lasts nearly 14 minutes.

Sometimes a model is nervous on camera and her smoking style becomes more rapid as a consequence. Curious if Georgina (who’s a shy girl) increases her smoking speed when she appears on camera, I ask her if she normally smokes as fast as she does. She replies “yes” and explains that her regular smoking style is indeed this rapid.

She greedily devours 6 cigarettes in quick succession, and as in her previous clips she inhales each drag deeply and takes multiple pumps of up to four times BEFORE releasing any smoke from her saturated lungs.

Georgina’s regular smoking style includes double pumps since becoming addicted and reliant upon cigarettes. As I’ve mentioned before, Georgina’s lungs are cast-iron – it’s like they were made for consuming cigarettes! They’re filled to capacity with luscious cigarette smoke until they are so full Georgina cannot breathe any more smoke into them.

I even ask her to take the longest drag she possibly can – around 7 – 8 seconds later she releases the cigarette from her lips and inhales the huge volume of smoke into the depths of her body. As usual a classic clip from a classic power smoker.

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