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Raquel: Chain Smoking 4 Cigarettes


Raquel –Spain, 33 years old– features her second video at SmokingSweeties, without dialogs and filled from beginning to end with thick, strong smoke. This is an intensely smokey video, with Raquel enjoying 4 strong cigarettes chain smoked through 2 scenes, heaving every drag deep into her chest before letting them out in multiple residual exhales. She makes full use of her mouth and nose, maintaining the strong flow of smoke in and out through the video’s whole duration.

Raquel has been a pack a day smoker for 20 years and has a persistent obstructed cough from her many years of addiction, which seems to be taking its toll on her nicotine dependent body. Despite this, the video displays Raquel sensually enjoying and geting relaxed with each cigarette, dangled continuously – thick smoke exuding from her mouth and nose constantly as she heaves drag after drag of her full-strength pleasure deep into her lungs.

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