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Raquel: Long-Term Smoker


Raquel displays all qualities of a convicted heavy smoking woman, although she smokes all day long her nicotine craving is present all the time. Her drags are really powerful, inhaling huge amounts of tobacco smoke into her already black lungs. Her cigarettes quickly shrink, as her constant need for nicotine makes her drags harder and harder. She even smokes more than one cigarette at once to boost her brain and body supply of her indispensable nicotine rush, not caring so much about her tarred lungs. She breaks coughing quite often along this video, but right after she turns her lips to her next load of tobacco smoke.

As a long-term convicted smoker, Raquel is absolutely at ease with her heavy smoking. Her smoking pace is obviously remarkable but even more striking is her effortless performance all along the video’s running time. So it is easy to imagine that her constant heavy smoking will always be part of her life!

If you ever wanted to watch a smoking woman whose smoking style is predominantly determined by a constantly present nicotine craving, you should not hesitate to download this video. Besides, visual and audio quality is once again outstanding.

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