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Rebeca: Smoking, Breasts Expand


Rebeca (21) is an Italian girl who started to smoke 2 years ago, assisted by her best girl friend. She smokes 25 times per day. In this video Rebeca smokes 6 100s:

Scene 1: Rebeca chain smokes 2 red 100s in the bathroom by watching herself in the mirror, as she used to do when she started doing it. Once she unbuttons her shirt her tits start to rise up with ease with each drag! She often likes to keep the smoke inside for a while.

Scene 2: Rebeca’s best friend –the girl who taught her to smoke– has a short appearance on this video. They both chain smoke 2 Lights 100s . They both seem to love to keep it inside for some seconds before exhaling at once.

Scene 3: Rebeca craves a couple of extra cigarettes. This time she smokes slow and deep, while wearing a bra that she will remove later. This girl double drags very often, while exhaling by her nostrils, Rebeca licks her lips and smiles while her chest expands again and again.

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