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Rebecca Leah smoking on the bed open leg and masturbation WomenWhoSmoke


Rebecca Leah is laying on the bed topless, wearing a white thong and an open red blouse. She slowly starts running her hands over her body, making herself really horny. She looks at herself in the huge mirrors in front of her and lifts her legs into the air. Sliding her thong off and pushing it to one side, Rebecca begins to rub her pussy in the mirror and gently moan. Rebecca really enjoys smoking while she plays with herself, so she removes an all white cigarette from a packet of Sterling Dual and places it into her Audrey Hepburn style cigarette holder. She bites hard onto the holder as she lights a match and gently gets her cigarette burning. Rebecca takes really deep inhales and allows thick smoke to flow from her mouth and nose. More deep inhales, open mouth inhales and french inhales as Rebecca rubs her pussy and makes herself really wet and naughty.

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