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Rosy Double Drags


Rosy smokes 9 cigarettes in this video, featuring dozens of double inhales in each scene.

Scene 1: Rosy invites us to see her smoking at her home’s couch. She chain smokes two cigarettes as she watches TV. Her drags are perfectly accomplished: slow and deep with danglings, slow multiple drags and powersmoking. She was clearly craving for a smoke! Her tight top reveals her generous breasts, that rise after each inhale!

Scene 2: Rosy next voluptuously smokes her 100s on a car ride. Despite of the movement, the light keeps being perfect here, the cherry always glowing.

Scene 3: You’ll next admire Rosy sensually smoking at her home’s kitchen, like the perfect housewife will do, chain smoking 2 reds! Open mouth inhales, nose mouth combinations exhales and chain lighting featuring here!

Scene 4: In the end, Rosy walks down in the streets of Barcelona, keeping her breasts warm with her beloved cigarettes!

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