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Rym: The Powerful Teenager Smoking Style


Rym –20 years old and French– discovered the joy of smoking with her ex-boyfriend. But don’t be fooled by her tender age! Actually, no one would tell that she was a smoke virgin only one year ago! In this intense smoking session, Rym smokes 10 cigarettes with great determination and powerful hits!

In the first scene, -full of profile close ups- Rym avidly chains 4 cigarettes to fix her cravings. As the smoke clearly gets her high, she soon shows her perfect pair of breast that start to rise in an endless up and down dance. Her fingers even start to shake after the first ten minutes under her powerful nicotine rush. Her drags are heavy, sometimes double and often released through nostril or nose mouth combination exhales.

Rym is completely fascinated by her cigarettes. “My body urges me to smoke, and I feel more beautiful when I smoke” she says. “I don’t care if my lungs get black” she blows at the end of her first cigarette.

Second scene takes place on the bed, still with her naked breasts, as Rym shows here amazing split fingers drags, (often 4 seconds long), and nice holds followed by beautiful snaps or french inhales – whom better than a young french girl would be supposed to show this kind of tricks? – and even powersmokes through her nostrils!

Time for a “bad girl” look in the toilets in scene 3: tiny short and sexy black top. The 2 cigarettes are smoked fast and deep without any trick, just true smoking relief. In the fourth scene, Rym is comfortably installed on the couch. She chains her next 3 cigarettes without any break for fresh air. Her drags are more relaxed, pretty long and slow. Sometimes Rym moistens her lips to get a better grip on the filter tip.

This video features a beautiful young smoker that already masters every single aspect of smoking: beautiful split drags, snaps, French inhales, nose-mouths combos, powersmoking in topless, and above all her true devotion for smoking!

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