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Sacha Learning To Smoke Cigarettes


Introducing new sexy model Sacha, she is a really pretty and classy young black girl who just recently started smoking cigarettes. Sacha is an experienced 420 smoker but has only been smoking cigarettes for a few weeks before this shoot. She smokes 4 Marlboro Golds in 4 scenes. She is a little scared at first to inhale much of her smoke and the first two scenes are mostly open mouth wafting with a couple little inhales. The 3rd scene she is getting a little braver and inhales more smoke and by the last scene she is comfortable inhaling most of her smoke with some nice open mouth inhales and snap inhales. Although she is not an experienced cigarette smoker her smoking is quite stylish due to her experience in 420 smoking.
Sexy stylish smoking and open mouth wafting from this sexy exotic ebony beauty!!!

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