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Saray: Smoking Friends


This 9 minutes short video depicts a quick smoking session between 2 new faces: Saray and her friend Tanya.

Saray is a beautiful 18 years old brunette with wide doe eyes that displays pretty long and slow drags on her cigarette and either blows the smoke through cone exhales or nostrils. She started to smoke being fifteen and now is a pack a day smoker. Her friend, the skinny blonde Tanya, is more into quick drags and often showers Saray’s hairs with nostril exhales. We can guess the complicity between these 2 girls, as they also shares some drags with Saray when she calls the cigarette with cute kiss sounds.

These 2 cute girls also take a quick glance to observe their performance in the mirror, but the camera is here more focused on Saray’s innocent face and nice split drags. The two girls smoke 4 cigarettes together along the video. Go ahead if you enjoy watching cute innocent girls smoking with confidence and enjoyment.

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