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Serina Sexy Cigarette Smoking


Here is beautiful blond smoker Serina smoking cigarettes in her first cigarette smoking video. Serina usually likes to smoke her cigars but she also does like to smoke cigarettes and looks really sexy as she enjoys strong Marlboro Reds. In this new video she smokes 5 cigarettes, 4 Reds and 1 Camel Crush with Jenna who smokes a Newport 100. Serina loves to model so she is really good in front of a camera, posing and flirting, showing off her sexy body and playing with her hair she is one sexy smoker! Jenna joins her in the last scene, both of these large breasted babes show off a lot of cleavage wearing their skimpy outfits as they put on a sexy smoke show for you.
Awesome sexy smoking from this petite pretty blonde smoker!!!

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