Sexy Chain Smoking and JOI with Chloe Toy WomenWhoSmoke


This is one of our original videos of the stunning Chloe Toy. Chloe has just woken up and is wearing her Ted Baker onesie. She has woken up feeling really horny this morning and decides to light up a corked L&M Blue cigarette while telling you to take your cock out of your pants. Chloe wants you to wank for her, jerk your cock back and forth while you watch her sexy smoking. A few buttons on Chloe’s onesie and undone giving you a fantastic view of her natural cleavage. If you look close enough you may get a flash of her nipples as Chloe leans forward. So sweet is our Chloe, she really knows how to make your cock throb for her with her masturbation encouragement and her sexy snap inhales with thick exhales flowing from her mouth. Chloe lights up another cigarette from her first and tells you to pick up the pace. Tug your cock for her and let this gorgeous goddess control your cock until she allows you to cum.

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