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Sexy heavy smoker pp`s depth long interview4 Asian Fetish Club


Talk exhale nose residual queen Pengsi has returned to our studio to continue her chain smoking interview series. This beautiful 24 year model will turn you on immediately with the huge amounts of smoke she puts in her body and the amount of smoke she generates from her chimney exhales that float around the interview studio room. This attractive lady who can easily be a superstar international model or beauty contestant winner is too pretty to smoke. Can you believe she is a devil chimney chain smoker? Everyone is turned on by Pengsi’s fast smoking rhythm deep drags with chimney mouth and nose exhales, french inhales, talk exhales and nose residuals that continue until the next drag. This gorgeous smoking babe is the perfect combination of heavy addiction, perfect appearance and expert alluring smoking skills.

Pengsi is a very pretty lady who aims to please. She teases and satisfies her viewers dominating cigarettes and always looks stunning doing it. During this chain smoking interview video she relaxes on a sofa wearing an eye opening low cut black dress exposing her sexy long slender legs. You will notice and be attracted to Pengsi’s many expert smoking skills like her french inhales, nose exhales, lung holds, thick combo mouth/nose exhales, talk exhales, and nose residuals that continue until the next drag. Pengsi is a fast rhythm smoker who can’t get enough smoke into her body. She quickly lights a 2nd cigarette after 3.5 minutes to make sure there is enough smoke in her lungs. Pengsi continues answering many interview questions from the producer about her smoking habits, attitudes, feelings and health awareness including:

1) How do you think tobacco affects your health?
2) Do you think quitting smoking is hard, very hard or impossible?
3) Do you want to smoke if you take a plane for many hours to a far away place?
4) Can you stand not smoking for many hours if you attend a long meeting?
5) If you stay home for one day how many cigarettes can you smoke?
6) Do you carry cigarettes everywhere with you when you go out?
7) What do you think about the health research that confirms smoking causes cancer?

If you saw any of Pengsi’s previous interview videos you know how good they are. There is much to learn and admire from this smoking beauties interview question answers. This is one cheerful fun loving lady who satisfies everyone. All the scenes are filmed from 2 angles from both a front view and side view. There is improved HD side and front view camera filming to highlight and enhance the large smoke volume effect. How much do you know about Pengsi? Will Pengsi quit smoking in the next 10 years? Does Pengsi like light or strong cigarettes? Don’t wait to find out because this is an incredible interview series. You can hear the answers to these and many more interview questions when you download this video now.

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