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Sexy heavy smoker Xiaojimi’s depth long interview Asian Fetish Club


Our new model Xiaojimi is one the prettiest addicted heavy smoking Asian girls you will ever see. Nose exhale and nose residual fans will love watching this beautiful bombshell devour cigarettes with little to no care about the dangerous body health risk consequences she is taking. Heavy smoking fans will be impressed with Xiaojimi’s deep satisfying open mouth inhale lung hold drags. Xiaojimi will be one of our most popular models soon when viewers see how much she likes cigarettes. This smoking babe has a special mixture of a playful friendly personality and matching alluring erotic smoking skills that all smoking fans dream of. You will be surprised to hear many of Xiaojimi’s interview answers including how many cigarettes she smokes daily and how many cigarettes she smokes if she stays at home all day playing video games.

Xiaojimi is a talented heavy smoking doll who does everything well. Xiaojimi chain smokes 4 cigarettes in 2 interview segments that include lighting one cigarette from another without a lighter. Her fast rhythm style includes finishing cigarettes in 5 minutes then quickly lighting another to make sure there is enough smoke in her lungs. Xiaojimi is the complete package with many talents to show off and tease you with including deep drag lung hold open mouth inhales, fast rhythms, sexy alluring exhales right at you, combo mouth/nose exhales, nose exhales, talk exhales and nose residuals. Look at all the smoking history, habit, attitude and health awareness questions Xiaojimi answers in this long 45 minute running time extra value interview video:

1) How did you start smoking and how old were you?
2) How many cigarettes do you usually smoke each day?
3) How does it feel to smoke that cigarette after not smoking for awhile?
4) Do you remember the feelings and sensations you got when you first started smoking?
5) How long can you go in between cigarettes before the urge?
6) How long did it take before smoking became a daily habit for you?
7) Do you ever notice people checking you out while you are smoking?
8) Does anyone give you a hard time about smoking?
9) Do you regret starting to smoke?
10) What do you think your lungs look like since you have become a heavy smoker?
11) Do you care about your health when you become a regular smoker?
12) Do you chain smoke while you are sitting or driving in a car?
13) How many minutes do you crave another cigarette after you finish one?
14) If you were pregnant would you consider quitting or reducing your smoking amount?
15) If you catch a bad cold or fever would you consider reducing or quitting your smoking amount?
16) Do you teach someone to begin to smoke?
17) Are smoking girls bad girls?
18) What are the negative physical, emotional and physical effects on you after you smoke?
19) Do you get sick now more often than you did before you started smoking?
20) What do you think about the public health problem that smoking causes cancer?
21) What harmful substances are in cigarettes?
22) Do you like light or strong cigarettes?
23) If you attend a long business meeting can you stand not smoking for many hours?
24) Do you feel the effects of smoking when you exercise or play sports?

Xiaojimi’s innocent pretty angel face and petite barbie doll figure perfectly compliment her smoking addiction. All the scenes are filmed from 2 angles from both the front and side profile view with some camera close ups. There is improved HD filming that enhances and highlights the large smoke volume effect. Xiaojimi enjoys telling you about her smoking addiction and you will enjoy listening to it. What is Xiaojimi’s favorite brand of cigarettes? What is Xiaojimi’s favorite cigarette of the day? Does Xiaojimi like the taste or smell of cigarettes? Does Xiaojimi feel sexy while smoking? How does Xiaojimi feel with smoke in her lungs? Does Xiaojimi have a smoker’s cough? Does Xiaojimi wake up in the middle of the night to smoke? Will Xiaojimi quit smoking for her boyfriend? Does Xiaojimi smoke at her parent’s home? How hard is it for Xiaojimi to quit smoking? You don’t want to miss this memorable must see interview presentation because beautiful young heavy smoking girls like Xiaojimi are hard to find. Xiaojimi’s love for cigarettes will turn you on.

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