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Sexy heavy smoker xiaomei’s depth long interview Asian Fetish Club


Have you ever met or seen a girl too cute to smoke? You will when you see new model Xiaomei in our studio. This 22 year old sweetheart is as delicate as a flower but she doesn’t mind putting smoke into her body anyway. Xiaomei is not a fast rhythm or deep drag smoker like some of our other models. She smokes elegantly like a lady and looks stunning doing it. This too cute next door neighbor type girl will turn you on when you hear her interview answers.

Xiaomei is a very pretty lady who will attract and keep your attention with her sweet personality alluring smoking skills. In this special long 27 minute running time video Xiaomei smokes 3 cigarettes for her viewers. During this chain smoking interview video Xiaomei relaxes on a sofa wearing an elegant eye pleasing dress to expose her sexy long legs. She shows off combo mouth/nose exhales, nose exhales and long stream exhales right at you. Pengsi wants to put lots of smoke into her body and enjoys doing it for you. Xiaomei answers many questions from the producer about her smoking habits, attitudes, feelings and health awareness including:

1) How did you start smoking and how old were you?
2) How many cigarettes do you usually smoke each day?
3) What is your favorite brand of cigarettes?
4) How does it feel to smoke that cigarette after not smoking for awhile?
5) Do you remember the feelings and sensations you got when you first started to smoke?
6) When is the best cigarette you feel during the day?
7) Do you ever notice people checking you out while you are smoking?
8) Does anyone ever give you a hard time about smoking?
9) What do you think your lungs look like since you have become a smoker?
10) Do you care about your health when you become a regular smoker?
11) Do you chain smoke while you are driving or sitting in a car?
12) How many minutes do you crave another cigarette after you finish one?
13) Do you feel the effects of smoking when you play sports or exercise?
14) Are smoking girls bad girls?

You will learn many things about Xiaomei’s smoking habits, health concerns and sweet friendly personality when you listen to her interview answers in this video. All the scenes are filmed from 2 angles from both a front view and side view. There is improved HD side and front view camera filming to highlight and enhance the large smoke volume effect. How much do you know about Xiaomei Does Xiaomei like the taste or smell of cigarettes? Does Xiaomei have a smoker’s cough? Does Xiaomei smoke for addiction or pleasure? What feelings does Xiaomei experience with smoke in her lungs? Will Xiaomei give up smoking for her boyfriend? Does Xiaomei feel sexy while smoking? Don’t wait to find out because this girl is too cute to miss. You can hear the answers to these and many more interview questions when you download this video now

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