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Sexy Smoking JOI Striptease ft Lauren Louise WomenWhoSmoke


Lauren Louise is wearing a tight sexy dress just for you. She looks so hot and sexy and really loves teasing you. Lauren can tell that you want to see what she is wearing underneath her dress and slowly starts stripping for you. She unzips her dress and slips it down, revealing a sexy green lingerie set that is brand new. You ask her to take off her panties, but she tells you to wait. Lauren slips off her bra and starts playing with her thong. Running her hands over her body, making you harder and harder, Lauren slips her panties down and bends over as they drop to the floor. Wow…Lauren looks so stunning! She sits on the edge of the sofa and lights up a Marlboro Red cork cigarette with matches. Lauren notices your cock growing as she takes a long drag on her cigarette. This excites her, so she tells you to start jerking your cock in front of her, giving you instructions and masturbation encouragement as she shows off her sexy smoking skills. Deep inhales, thick exhales, smoke rings and more smoking skills to make you twitch as you follow her jerk off instructions and cum on demand.

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