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Sheila Portrait Of A Heavy Smoker


This video (29 minutes) features Sheila who has already appeared here on volume 20. She is a beautiful and pleasant-natured woman and enjoys smoking her cigarettes to the fullest. Her style is rather slow as she smokes every cigarette with incomparable reckless abandon. Just have a look at how she handles her cigarettes, well, she smokes them of course, but one might get the impression that she really likes to treat her cigarettes quite tentatively as a precondition for maximum smoking enjoyment. Check out these scenes:

Scene 1: Sheila is resting on the sofa, smoking two cigarettes. She talks about the pleasures that she receives from smoking and how the cigarettes determine her life. Watch how she often prefers to absorb the smoke partly instead of exhaling “I like to savor it…” she says.
Scene 2: (divided into three sub-scenes): Sheila dances to some music while smoking three cigarettes, wearing two different outfits.
Scene 3: Sheila is back on the sofa giving some facts about her smoking career (interview). She enjoys another two cigarettes with passion and devotedness.
Sheila is able to mesmerize the viewer with her decent loveliness and her smoking style where she combines addiction and dedication in an unseen way. Just watch her lips while dragging and after every inhale. Her prettiness is natural and the way she smokes is just the reflection of that prettiness!

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