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Sidorah 1 Nutty, Naughty And Nice Smoking Females


Starring: Sidorah Vintner with Incidental Appearances by Pagan West and Talia East. We were really pleased when our sexy lesbian assistant, Sidorah, offered to do her very own video. We were shooting some custom footage and she wanted to keep going so we got enough for her very first tape. She did a lot of playing to the camera and we all had some laughs. This DVD is full of goofy but sexy footage, hence the “Nutty” in the title! The video begins with her laying on her side, wearing a black top and a leopard print skirt, black boots and glasses. She smokes Virginia Slims and talks about smoking and sex. She really plays “eyes” with the camera. Next up, she is sitting, wearing a black bra, black panties, stockings and a black feather boa. She smokes Virginia Slims 120’s and gets some really big visible exhales, while playing to the camera. Next, she wears a black negligee and stockings, laying on the floor and smoking VS 120’s again. She rubs her breasts while looking at the camera and finally reveals them. She pulls on her nipples and blows smoke onto them and through her ample cleavage. Next, she is wearing a red and black “librarian” or “sexretary” dress and glasses. Here is where we all started to get really nutty. Pagan can be heard (off camera) from time to time saying things to make Sidorah crack up as she slowly tries to remove the dress. Still, giggling, Sid shows us what is underneath… a Wonder Woman costume! She peels the dress off (with some difficulty!) and smokes her VS 120’s. Her boobs cannot be held in and they continually pop in and out of her top, all the while Sidorah is enduring Pagan’s jokes and Pagan’s 18 year old step-son’s comments. Sid then dons a sparkling black dress and smokes VS 120’s again. Once again, her well endowed chest spills forth from her clothing (we think she just LOVES to show her boobs off!) and makes its presence known. Much giggling abounds. She even answers the phone when it unexpectedly rings and tries to have phone sex with the unwitting person on the other end! Dubbed and live audio, nudity and much explicit language. Runs Approx. 30 mins. R-rated.


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