Silvia & Dafne Smoking Sisters


Silvia has appeared on smokingsweeties before and this time she brings along her younger sister Dafne who has just started smoking some months before. She is already smoking on a regular basis and thus does not really need any sort of help such as smoking instructions given by Silvia. You will actually be quite surprised and maybe wondering how a beginner like her can already be that good. Anyway, Silvia is obviously quite keen on encouraging Dafne to become a “serious” heavy smoker. And Dafne likes that absolutely and her developing smoking skills indeed prove that she is very eager to reach higher levels of smoking styles, attitudes and techniques.

Scene 1: Dafne and Silvia are smoking together on the sofa, Silvia appreciates Dafne’s smoking and sets up some smoking skill challenges for Dafne just for fun – and for encouragement.
Scene 2: Silvia feeds Dafne with her cigarette, they just support their sisterly relation with cigarettes!
Scene 3: The sisters are smoking in the bathroom doing some beauty care and posing in front of the mirror.
Scene 4: Silvia and Dafne are playing with their addictions. First, Silvia smokes next to Dafne but does not allow her to have at least one drag from her cig. Dafne must cope with the situation for the moment. Then she lights up one of her cigarettes and provokes Silvia who is not that impressed. But Dafne is glad that she can now fill her young body with smoke without interruptions.
Check out young smoker Dafne, form a view on her potential and imagine her future smoking skills. Also enjoy Silvia’s mentoring while she nonchalantly displays that she loves being a heavy smoker and feels fine that her younger sister is now going on the right track, too. Well, 36 minutes of beautiful sisters smoking together (with a lot of natural dialogue, English subtitles) is an offer you cannot even try to ignore!

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