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Silvia The Powerful Teenager Style 2


Silvia returns after her last video. The Silvia you knew before has turned into a wonderful strongly addicted women that chains cigarettes with great elegance, mostly powersmoking and dangling. She simply feeds herself with cigarettes!

During this extra-long video Silvia smokes 6 cigarettes. Silvia still loves to breathe the direct flow of her cigarette. A beautiful chainsmoker with her breasts rising after each cheek hollowing drag; French inhales, open mouth inhales, snaps, nostril and residual exhales: she is now a true powersmoker!

We filmed her when she was 18, and now being 19 her addiction has increased too much: Silvia smokes 40 cigarettes per day, and is impossible for her to smoke less than this. Silvia hated everything about smoking 2 years ago, and today she confesses that it is hard for her to walk on the street without a cigarette between her fingers.

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