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Smoker girlfriend taunt and tease Goddess Jordan Black


“I’m looking for a 60-odd minute biopic (in a way) of you smoking Marlboro Red 100s. You are my smoking girlfriend (and I am your non-smoking boyfriend). You’re a true smoker and will never quit for anyone, not even your significant other. In the slightly more ‘playful’ scenes (like that based on ‘lollipop licking…’ and ‘bratty best friend’… it’s a case of cock-teasing whereas the others are slightly more candid, with ‘what a sight…’ and ‘smoking two newports…’ being ones where you are slightly more vulnerable so-to-speak (e.g. “don’t you approve of me? don’t you approve of my smoking?”, etc.).”

This is your daily life living with a hot smoker that teases you verbally and visually while she’s smoking. Some days she’s cute and bratty, blowing smoke in your face, taunting you continuously and other days she’s teasing you with her sexy attire and her smoke. She loves to smoke and she won’t quit for anyone, even for her boyfriend, further more she keeps pushing her boyfriend to let go of his relentless quest of making her quit. The more she smokes in front of him the more he will start loving it, after all she looks so good when she’s smoking and it’s obvious she’s turned on by it. In most scenes, there’s some POV dialogue involved and in a few I’m teasing and smoking while listening to music.

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