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Smoking Interview: Alana Kane Britteni Bank the Chain Smoker


Another amazing smoking interview with a beautiful young girl, Alana Kane. Alana has only just turned 19! She’s young, but she’s already been smoking for quite a while! I was intrigued to interview her, because I know as time goes on, smoking cigarettes is becoming more and more taboo. Smoking used to be seen as “cool” by young people, but those truth campaigns worked some magic LOL but not on miss Alana! She’s a heavy smoker with no signs of slowing down any time soon. She has a wonderful, sweet personality and we had some great conversations about smoking while we each smoked 2 cigarettes and I asked her the standard first interview questions:

1. How long have you been smoking?
2. Tell me the story of your first cigarette.
3. What is your favorite brand? Did you ever smoke any other brands?
4. How much do you smoke in a day?
5. How long can you go without smoking before a craving kicks in?
6. Have you ever tried to quit? If so, how long did you last? What made you relapse?
7. What’s your favorite part of smoking?
8. Do you like the smell of cigarettes or do you just put up with it?
9. What’s your favorite cigarette of the day? For example, mine is after eating.
10. Does anyone give you trouble about your habit? Do you try to hide it from them or just tell them it’s not their business?
11. How familiar are you with the smoking fetish? Do you understand the appeal? Does smoking make you feel sexy at all?
12. Do you know any smoke tricks? If so, show us.

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