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Smoking Models UK Volume 22


Volume 22 features 4 smoking models and all girls are in real life smokers.

The popular and busty and gorgeous Dannii Harwood is one of the sexiest smokers I have ever seen and she is a super heavy smoker with a super smoking style. Dannii has a sexy varied natural smoking style of open mouth inhales with snap inhales and closed mouth inhales. Dannii takes long deep drags of her cigarette and her exhales are sexy aswell. Basicly Dannii Harwood oozes sex appeal and then x 10 when she has a cigarette in her hand and smoke is coming out of her sexy mouth. The Smokey kisses scene with Danni and Daniella is the best one yet and I can 100% guarantee will leave you hot under the collar

Amber Rivers Scott is back again after popular demand, Amber’s heavy smoking style is sexier than ever, Amber has a deep varied smoking style consisting of open mouth inhales, snap inhales and french inhales. She smokes over 20 a day and you can really see how much she loves to smoke.

Natalie B is really pretty and she is new to modelling but sure is not new to smoking. Natalie is a top smoker and I would definately put her in the top 5 ever to appear on here. Natalie’s smoking style is sexy as hell, her open mouth inhales and snap inhales are amazing and her rings are excellent aswell.

Daniella Rossi is a top model and has a deep smoking style, Daniella’s inhales are always deep with great inhale noises when she inhales her smoke, she does open moouth inhales and closed mouth inhales.

Volume 22 has a great variety of smoking scenes with great movie quality and audio. The scenes are a mix of fly on the wall in real life scenes and right at you interaction of the model looking right at you when she smokes. The 2 girl scenes are definately the best yet with the smoke swapping and smokey kisses leaving you amazed. This volume also has 4 smoking interview scenes with each girl telling you all about their smoking lifestyle

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