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Smoky Kisses Colight Coherent Light Photography


There are certainly lots of smoky kisses in this PG-rated girl-girl video, but there’s much, much more. There’s some of the best smoking CoLight ever put on video, many years ago. In a number of different scenes Kris and April smoke as a pair (they each have a short solo set), without and with holders (including the CoLight phallic holder), feed each other smoke, exchange thick streams of smoke mouth to mouth while they kiss, and often just smoke while facing each other, with a dizzying number of snap and french inhales followed by thick mouth and nose exhales. There’s no question that CoLight’s later models have been extraordinary smokers, but if you have never seen April and Kris do their thing, you’ve really missed out. This title is from an original VHS copy so the video quality varies a bit – but the quality of the smoking is first rate. This video has natural sound.

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