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SmokyHow: Q and A for New Smokers Raqui Rivers


I love to share my smoking habit with everyone, and after numerous requests, I’ve decided to begin an instructional series for new smokers and the smoke-curious. In this video, I respond to some of the most popular questions I’ve read from beginners and other people who are curious about smoking. Here are the questions I answer in this video while I smoke three of my own Marlboro Red 100s:

1 Why do you show people how to smoke even though it’s bad for them?

2 Why do people smoke even if they know it’s bad for them?

3 Are there any benefits to smoking cigarettes?

4 How can I smoke and still keep myself from getting addicted to cigarettes?

5 I have asthma, should I start smoking?

6 If I’m too scared to smoke when my friends get me to try it, do you think they’ll be able to notice if I don’t actually inhale?

7 Can someone smell if I’ve been smoking cigarettes?

8 What does cigarette smoke taste like?

9 Will it burn my throat when I inhale the smoke?

10 How come I feel like I’m dizzy when I try to smoke a cigarette?

11 How long should I wait between when I exhale my smoke and inhale some more?

12 Will I still get addicted if I smoke just one cigarette in my whole entire life?

13 How many puffs does it take to be at risk of negative side effects of smoking?

14 My parents found out that I tried smoking last summer with my cousins, but they don’t know that I’ve kept smoking for more than a year now. Should I tell them that I’m a full-blown smoker?

15 If I only smoke while I’m in high school, will that affect my lungs?

I answer every question honestly with the truth about smoking, that it’s addictive, dangerous, and completely fucking amazing.

Be sure to check out future installments of SmokyHow for more Q & A sessions and detailed instructions!

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