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Snake skin minidress thigh high boots a 120s cigarette and lots of visible smoke Smoking Angie


The new year doesn’t come alone, as you can see, some new stuff arrived too. I’m so excited about it! This boots for example, I love to wear them with my very short and tight snake dress, it’s such a hot combination and I bet you’re dying to see it fully, aren’t you? But the best of all: my new black leather couch arrived! As you might have noticed, I feel so comfortable in it, I can’t wait to spend all my evenings smoking here, relaxing and filling the room with my heavy smoke. I know you’ve been missing me but the wait it’s over, I’m back and better, or sohuld I say hotter? Here I’m wearing some sparky make up, my red lipstick and a pair of fancy earrings, the dress so tight on my petite body and smoking a long white cigarette. While the room kept getting filled with smoke, you can hear my inhales and see my legs crossing and uncrossing. Enjoy this evening with me!

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